Top 3 Can’t Miss Marketing Campaigns for the Holiday Season

Are you looking for ways to continuously entice your customers with new offers and products during the holiday season? When discussing different types of marketing campaigns, it is important to keep in mind that strategy, timing, and urgency are everything. This article will give insight into how our Client Success Team has worked together to further optimize your seasonal marketing campaigns, how to best serve many different customers’ unique needs, and how to best utilize and update your price sheets year round. Keep reading to learn more about the top 3 can’t miss marketing campaigns of the holiday season and how you can implement them into your seasonal marketing plan! 

Thanksgiving Delivery

First up on our top performers list is the popular Thanksgiving Delivery Campaign! Any type of holiday delivery campaigns with a set order deadline are always a great way to reach out to your customers due to the immediate sense of urgency. While not offering any type of discount, this is a wonderful way to capture your audience’s attention without being “too salesy” or over promoting products. Your customers, especially previous buyers, will become accustomed to seeing your brand in their inbox. This promotion method is a great way to capture reorders from previous buyers as well. Regarding a widely known marketing principle, the ‘Marketing Rule of 7’, customers need to hear or see your marketing message at least seven times prior to when they make their first initial purchase. This is important to keep in mind while progressing through the holiday season, remembering to stay in contact with your customers on a monthly basis. This ensures that your brand stays top of mind which in turn creates trust between you and your consumers.

Black Friday Tiered Sale

Regarding discounted promotions, next up we are going to discuss our Black Friday Tiered sale. Tiered promotions are very strategic when incentivizing a customer to jump from one tier to the next, while still allowing the customer to feel that they hold purchasing power. It is also a much more optimized pricing structure. When introducing your promotion, you want the lowest tier to hold value, while simultaneously allowing the consumer to feel that the minimums are easily attainable. Once the consumer enters the online store, and starts to add items to their cart, this is where the psychology of purchasing comes into play. Once the consumer realizes that they aren’t too far away from reaching the next promotional tier, they begin to justify the promotional prices in exchange for the discount/free offering they are going to receive. Overall, tiered promotions are one of the best ways to serve more customers while still being able to meet each of their unique needs.

Example: 10% off $50 / 15% off $75 / 20% off $100

“As the holidays are approaching, it’s critical we leverage strategic promotions to maximize revenue through AOV and conversion growth. Last year, our studios began emphasizing tiered promotions with minimum order thresholds starting with Black Friday which experienced a year-over-year revenue growth of 948%! Even with recognizing a 1/3 drop in total subjects photographed last year, we were not only able to maintain our historical AOV, but, realize an average increase of 91% per order. Our partnership with the ImageQuix team has been irreplaceable and exciting to witness the massive growth each season.” 

Alex Bristol, Director of Marketing at Now & Forever Studios

Introducing Holiday Ornaments

Lastly, lets talk about introducing holiday ornaments and seasonal product offerings! While these products can remain on a price sheet year round, it is highly recommended that your studio add products at specific times throughout the year, when those products are applicable to a particular season. Price sheets should be monitored and updated by the studio frequently, as well as reflect only that current season’s holiday offerings. This is key in the communication process with your customers, because it allows you to contact them with a new product offering, rather than a simple email reminding them to order. New product announcements will also help to increase foot traffic in your online shop, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your lab’s seasonal products as well as take advantage of our ‘My Designs’ tab for creating custom holiday cards, designs, or grad announcements!

As always, your CS team is here to help and should be the first place you go when brainstorming about running any type of promotion. Your CS team will examine your historical year over year data, and make future decisions based upon that. From there you will collaborate with your CS team, and come up with a customized plan that meets your consumers unique needs. Contact your Marketing Strategist today to learn more about all of the ways you can optimize your marketing efforts and make this holiday season one to remember!

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