Let’s Talk About Yearbooks!

There comes a time each year where the beginning stages of yearbook planning starts to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Considering the content, layout, and design, the yearbook committee starts to brainstorm and gather all the necessary materials they will need to build the perfect book. This is not an easy or quick process. It takes months to obtain the materials and put everything together. But with PLIC Books, we made the yearbook building process a whole lot easier. 

PLIC Books allows you to build simple, themed yearbooks within minutes or scale things up and use the feature-rich applications to tweak every detail for your new masterpiece! Our drag and drop interface gives you the ability to add layouts, graphics, and fonts all while automatically adjusting each page so there are no overlaps or missing elements.

With the PLIC Books storefront, your schools can sell yearbooks, ads, and upgrades seamlessly. Increase your sales by allowing parents and businesses to create ads, give buyers the option to choose between soft and hard cover books, and enable the Adopt-a-Book feature for those who would like to sponsor another child’s yearbook. 

“Last year (2020), we had over 170 different schools using PLIC Books. Being able to give our schools the ability to create and sell their own yearbooks with ease is why we, and the schools, like it so much. They can create books and manage their orders all in one place.”
Michael Bell, Bell Photo
PLIC Books Customer since 2017 

You might be asking yourself, ‘But why PLIC Books?’ With over 6000 schools across the US and Canada using PLIC Books, we work directly with our customers to continuously add and update our features to meet their demands. A few of our most recent updates include: new backgrounds, user design deadlines, spell check, and so much more!

Did we mention that there can be multiple users working in the same book on the same page at the same time?! Being 100% web based, PLIC Books allows your schools to access and design their yearbooks from anywhere on any device, perfect for in-person and remote collaboration. 

If you aren’t selling yearbooks, now’s the time! Contact our sales team at plicbooks@photolynx.com for more information on PLIC Books and get started today!

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