Offline Mode

No internet… no problem! Pull down any job on your computer and work offline for as long as you’d like.

On-site Printing

Create your own products, flyers, ID cards, & more and print them on-location or back at the studio.

Export Templates

Save hours of time by using one of our pre-built templates for school service items like PSPA, Mugbooks, etc… or create one of your own and apply it to every job.

Smart Importer

Put down Excel and sit back while Blueprint’s importer analyzes your data, automatically maps column names, and saves you hours of data editing and cleanup per job.

Multi Job QR

The most powerful station-to-station workflow solution in the industry. Take photos of subjects at multiple stations, mix subjects from different jobs, and at the end of the day… automatically sort &... Read More

Find A Subject

Search across all of the jobs in your account and find a subject in seconds. Check their order status, update their data, & place new orders instantly. Great for in-studio customer... Read More

Image Editing

Color correct, enhance, and crop images faster than ever. Use quick filters like camera device, date, primary image, & more to apply bulk retouching to only the images you want. Great... Read More


Get a detailed view of images & orders and know exactly the status of a job. Find subjects with missing images, subjects with the wrong images, incorrect head sizing, orders with... Read More

Advanced User & Permissions

Give and take power as you see fit. Create a role, choose the permissions, and apply it to any user in your account. You are in complete control!