ImageQuix Features
ImageQuix Features
ImageQuix Features

Publisher + Smart Assistant

Pro Tools to Manage Your Studio

IQ9 Publisher and SMART Tools

Build & Manage Your Online Studio

With IQ Publisher and Smart Assistant, you have everything you need to Work Smarter. Use the all-new IQ Publisher to create templates for job settings to cut setup time in half and automate your workflow. Look up orders and sales analytics remotely with your Smart Assistant mobile app. It’s complete access and control of your online business.



View and Order E-Commerce Store

IQ9 View and Order E-Commerce Store

Launch Your Sales

ImageQuix’s newly designed Vando (View and Order) storefront is mobile friendly and Smarter than ever! It’s like an online sales assistant working for your studio. Your customers are guided through their buying experience, making online ordering quick, easy, fun, and more profitable than ever.

Smart Workflow Diagram

Smart Workflow

Setup. Capture. Launch.

Smart Workflow Diagram

It’s that easy! Set up jobs the right way, right from the start. Add images and launch your sales! No more countless spreadsheets, endless paper, or jumping through hoops to get your work done. Break from your complicated workflow and say no to the Status Quo. Use Smart Tools that are offered with ImageQuix and Work Smarter!

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Multi-Node Postcard on ImageQuix 9.0

Smart Products

Complex Orders Made Easy

Your customers will love choosing multiple images and adding custom text to products like holiday cards or collages. They can even modify each image and view their creation right in their cart. Now you can automate these complex orders directly to your IQ Pro Lab Partner.

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Multi-Node Postcard on ImageQuix 9.0

Smart Pre-Order

Instantly let prepaid customers know when images are online!

With IQ9, you can give customers their own individual codes for preordering. After Picture Day, just upload images for that same job, connected to those same codes and you can send a Smart Email letting your customers know their images are available for re-order.

Multi-Node Postcard on ImageQuix 9.0

Smart Ordering

Realtime Green Screen Previews

Your customers will love switching backgrounds to choose their favorite combinations. Just upload knocked out images, along with backgrounds and the possibilities are endless! Plus, IQ9 is smart enough to render images and backgrounds together before sending orders to your lab.

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Multi-Node Postcard on ImageQuix 9.0

Smart Storage

Every job, on the IQCloud, at every stage

Your work has never been more accessible or more protected. If you have a shoot coming up, go ahead and start building the job online. Put it in a pending state as a work-in-progress, that’s hidden from customers, but available when you need to make an update.

Your Jobs Are Safely Secured in the ImageQuix Cloud

Smarter Price Sheets

So Many More Ways to Sell

You have complete control. With IQ9, you can mix and match products that automate to your lab, custom products you self-fulfill, and digital downloads ALL ON THE SAME PRICE SHEET with even more buying incentive options.

Smart Emails

Your Customers Will Order Again and Again

Get proven results using IQ Smart Emails! Our automated marketing campaigns push additional sales with the ability to target buyers and non-buyers separately. Plus, each email has an auto-login feature that takes customers directly to your storefront.

Smart Templates

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Create jobs faster with reusable templates for shopping cart settings, custom data collection, price sheets and discounts.

Smart Discounts

Your Customers Will Want to Order

Create general and single-use discount codes, along with gift certificates to boost sales and build customer loyalty.

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