A Blueprint for the future

We have exciting news: we’re consolidating our high volume brands into one seamless platform. Blueprint, our flagship platform, will become the core platform.

Why are we consolidating platforms?  By pooling our efforts, we’re unlocking a new world of possibilities for the high volume industry. Watch this space.

With our combined team, we’re now poised to grow your studio like never before. This blog will scratch the surface of what we discussed in the webinar. So, to get all the exciting details, check out our recent webinar by clicking the button below.

Don’t miss out; this webinar will only be available on-demand for a limited time.

What does this news mean for Blueprint users?

Get ready; you will see many great features come your way. It is an exciting time for Blueprint as we bring the features from Fotomerchant and Simplephoto to ensure you have the best tools at your fingertips.

If you have any questions regarding the platform decision, email us at migration@imagequix.com or reach out to your CS team.

What’s coming up?

Our new unified team has been busy. Working to bring over the best features Fotomerchant and Simplephoto have to offer, many great new additions are coming down the pipeline.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these key features and the benefits they’ll bring:

Open API

With some help from our new Fotomerchant team, we’ll be introducing an open API. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate ImageQuix with third-party applications, systems, and services, offering countless possibilities for customization. An open API gives you the flexibility to tailor your workflow to meet your specific requirements. Keep an eye out, this will be coming soon.

That’s not all an open API can offer. Watch our recent webinar to learn more.

Facial Recognition

Another feature we’ve brought over from the Fotomerchant platform to Blueprint is facial recognition. Currently in beta, you can expect to see updates to this feature over the next few months.

One of the key updates involves the selfie registration flow. Users can now easily take a photo of themselves through a mobile interface and upload it directly into our system. This photo will then serve as a reference for future matching against unknown photos. This process ensures that your initial registration is quick and seamless, paving the way for accurate and efficient photo identification later on.

An exciting aspect of this is the ability to use a set of known photos, such as those taken during the underclass fall of 2023, as a comprehensive reference list. This is particularly useful for matching unknown photos from various jobs. Using facial recognition, identify individuals in a wide array of photos.

Catch us at MVP 2024

Want to learn more about what’s coming up for Blueprint? Perfect timing. Our annual MVP conference is right around the corner.

Mark your calendars! We’re heading to Las Vegas, where industry leaders and innovators will come together to collaborate. Join us as we shape the future of high volume and enrich our industry with illuminative insights. 

See our recent MVP blog here.

Looking towards the future

We’re ready to grow your studio like never before.

As our unified team works together, we’re leveraging decades of industry knowledge. With some of the most visionary minds in the industry now in one place, we’re excited to see what we can build. As always, the success of this industry is at the forefront of our goals. We want to empower the high volume space with cutting-edge solutions and insights.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine the standards of the high volume photography industry.

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